Scaffold Design Drawings 

We are really proud of our Scaffold Design drawings - we think they are the best in the industry!

They are typically created as 2D in 1st Angle Projection with 3D detailing as necessary. They are produced to British draughting standards to ensure that they are clear and accurate.

In line with Our Vision, we are continuously looking at ways we can improve the quality of our design drawings, we have recently completed the fourth major review of our in-house technical drawing standard. Everyone in our design team produces design drawings inline with our standard, this ensures uniformity and clarity, and maintains quality control.

48.3 believe that the design drawing has one primary function: to leave the scaffolder in no doubt as to what they should build on site.  The design drawings we produce are for scaffolders first and foremost. The CDM Regulations require that we, the designer, have the responsibility to communicate our design requirements to everyone in the project chain successfully, and our scaffold design drawings are our primary communication tool. We take this responsibility very seriously.

This is one of the reasons that we believe anyone involved with or responsible for the scaffold, be it a scaffolder, charge hand, supervisor, manager, engineer, inspector must always have access to the correct size of drawing. Attempting to view an A1 design drawing on A3 (or A4) paper is hard; then it gets wet, dirty and torn, and it becomes virtually impossible!

Please always contact us if you require extra copies of the design drawing in its original size.

We also provide a full 3D design service for tender, presentation, marketing, detailing and illustration purposes. These are different to our design drawings – for more details please see our 3D modeling and visualization page.

Our design drawings are created using the latest Autodesk products in a range of sizes to suit the design from A0 to A4. We are currently working in:

  • AutoCAD 2017
  • AutoCAD LT 2017
  • AutoCAD Design Review 2017
  • Autodesk REVIT LT 2017

One of the objectives of the 48.3 Scaffold Design Environmental Policy is to try and avoid keeping paper documents or sending paper correspondence wherever possible. Design drawings are the main exception to this rule.

Sample Scaffold Design Drawings by 48.3

Sample Design Drawing 1 Sample Design Drawing 2 Sample Design Drawing 3
Sample Design Drawing 4 Sample Design Drawing 5 Sample Design Drawing 6

All Design Documents

All the design documents produced by 48.3 Scaffold Design are customer branded and customer owned. Electronic documents are digitally encrypted for client security and password protected if required.

Scaffold design documents are typically supplied in controlled .pdf format to a client specified distribution list under 48.3 document control procedures. All colour prints are sent first class to a nominated person for internal distribution.

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