About us: Our Ethos

Every company is defined by the vision or ‘reason why’ of their founder or leader. Ford by Henry Ford, Apple by Steve Jobs, Microsoft by Bill Gates, and Virgin by Richard Branson.

48.3 is built in the vision of its’ founder and leader, Ben Beaumont. To appreciate the ‘reason why’ 48.3 exists, you must first appreciate the vision driving Ben. 

Ben Beaumont  – Founder and Managing Director of 48.3

How you do anything, is how you do everything.  In searching for “why”, I realised that the reason I am in business, why I choose my colleagues and why I like to work with our clients, are the same as why I do what I do in my personal life; why I chose my friends, and why I love the people I love. 

I am constantly searching for the best way to do things; I am rarely satisfied and therefore always trying to get better. I always enjoy learning something new. I love self-improvement and try to find inspiration and teaching from everyone. I believe this is easy, once you realise you can learn something from everyone. 

I formed 48.3 as I want to change our industry. I want something better, something professional, something whereby the design that is delivered properly considers the tough challenges faced by scaffolders every single day.

This manifested itself into two parts:

Part One: We believe scaffold designs are for the scaffolder - everything works from this starting point. 

Too many scaffolders are forced to take design responsibility for parts of their 'designed' projects due to the lack of quality and professionalism provided by their design engineer. Insufficient hazard elimination and risk mitigation, poor quality drawings with insufficient detail are two of the main problems. Design products that do not cater to the needs of the scaffolder using them - effectively putting their own life at risk to work in difficult conditions to build a poorly conceived or poorly presented design solution. We think that a scaffolder has enough to worry about in the erection of scaffolding and work at height, without having to battle with a poor quality drawing, and invariably make up the skill-gap found in many "scaffold designers" - not professional engineers. It is simply not fair.

Part Two: We believe scaffold designs are not just a great drawing, they are a complete solution that works as well on site as it does on paper. 

All too often a scaffold design solution does not consider all of the following: how the scaffold will be built safety, the commercial implications of each line drawn, its immediate surroundings and interfaces, the programme of associated works, its impact on other tasks and trades, the range of possible end users, and the elimination of hazards and control of residual risks (to name a few). We believe that our duties as designers extend to all these things, and that this is the minimum that should be provided with each and every design. The frustration of others trying to "get away with" anything less, is unacceptable in our eyes. The reliance on generic solutions serves as proof - how can any of those design considerations be undertaken with a generic design? We believe that it's not about generic designs, its about doing every design on it's merits, and doing it as efficiently and effectively as possible.

We aim to provide a service for the scaffolder where their safety, their welfare and well being, and their challenges are fully considered, and they are not forced to take design responsibility due to lack of quality and professionalism in their design service. 

Let's stop "getting away with things" and start doing things right. That’s what I believe, and that's why we are here.

How does that define our service provision?

When I formed 48.3 I saw an opportunity in the market to provide this quality of service. The opportunity was clear; the service currently provided by sub-contract designers was unreliable, unprofessional and at times incompetent. I had first-hand experience. 

We distinguish ourselves by being exactly the opposite – totally reliable, completely professional and fully competent. I think differently about my job role: I try to help first, try to add value for my clients first, solve their problems first, knowing that remuneration, reward and loyalty will follow.

I’ve built a team around the motto of an old basketball coach I had, that originates in a one line extract from Rudyard Kipling's poem 'The Law for the Wolves': “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack”. I believe the best teams work like this. We are all working toward the common goal and we have each other's back. We win together, we loose together. Everyone at 48.3 knows that whatever happens, we will stick together. All for one; one for all.

48.3 is all about distinction. Distinction through service quality; differentiating through continuous improvement. Today we know we are better than we were yesterday, and tomorrow, we will be better than we are today.

If you can relate to any of this, I am sure we can work together. Simple. 

To our success together,




Why does this make us the UK's leading scaffolding design team?

From the left: Luke Hunma (Design Engineer), Michael Eager (Design Engineer), Ben Beaumont (Principal Engineer & Managing Director), Andrew Kitley (Design Manager), Gavin Dempsey (Principle Engineer & Director).

We have a relentless drive for perfection in our work, and increases in our competency.  Our aim is to change the scaffolding industry, especially in design, and how it is perceived by everyone else. We want to increase respect and build trust so that people are proud to work in the scaffolding industry, and people like us can be proud to be ‘Scaffold Design Engineers’.

Scaffolding is required to build new. Scaffolding is required to maintain what we have. Scaffolding is required to restore the things we had. It's needed for everything.

We want people to be proud again of their contribution, their skills and their profession. Proud of their involvement in building the Great Britain of tomorrow, and in preserving and maintaining our rich heritage, envied the world over.

We are actively driving the shift in the industry where people don’t want to ‘get away with’ things. We are leading the industry away from incompetence and out-of-date practice, to a fresh, professional, competent and transparent service.

We have the desire to lead, and we decided to lead by example. We are improving standards for everyone, to revolutionise our industry.

That is why we started 48.3. And that is what drives us - every single day.

How does this show?

It shows in how we deal with our clients, how we choose our team, how we train our staff and how we deliver our service. It is shown in every single one of our design drawings, and every line of our calculations. 

It shows in how our transparency and openness, our communication, and our consideration for our fellow scaffolding and construction industry professionals.

It even shows in our coffee: pure and strong.

Some people think we are crazy to do what we do, we think they are crazy for not joining us!  If you would like to work with us and join us on this journey, please get in touch. 

This is WHY our clients choose us.

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