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Fitness kick at 48.3!

We all love a bit of healthy competition here at 48.3 and we all take our health and fitness pretty seriously too so what better way to combine the two than to introduce the 48.3 Staff Fit Bit Wellness Programme!

Research shows that companies who invest in their employee’s health have an increase of 8% in productivity and 45% better staff retention rate so we’ve supplied all our team with their own Fit Bits and have started a monthly challenge, tracking all our steps and competing against each other for a prize at the end!

We’ve even teamed up with Nourish Kitchen, a company who delivers fresh, nutritionally balanced snacks to the office so we have no excuse to resort to the biscuit tin when the pressure is on!

We want 48.3 to be the best it can possibly be and with a fit, healthy, and happy team we are one step closer in achieving that goal!


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