Our Mission

This is a bold statement, and to give it real context we prefer to concentrate on the details that have made us successful and the reasons our clients choose us time and time again.

Therefore our mission statement is:

"To provide an unrivalled design service through our proactive attitude and approach, our dedication and our technical expertise, that exceeds clients' expectations, adds value to their business and contributes to their on-going success."

There has for many years been a skills shortage within the world of scaffolding design, and many would argue that there still is.  However, the market in which we operate has, over the years we have been operating, become more and more competitive.

Combine this with the price sensitivity within the scaffolding industry, its very competitive nature and the construction industry as a whole striving to ‘get more for less’, and we find the reasons behind our mission statement.

At 48.3 we want to stand out from the crowd. We want to be different from all the rest. That is why we have a clear company ethos that tells everyone why we are here. Our company ethos dictates our products and service provision, in turn they help our clients win more work, create competitive advantage and increase their profits. That is why our company ethos is the driver behind everything we do.

Our Vision

A vision is supposed to be big right? Well we have a vision for ourselves, and a vision for how we want to affect the people we work with and the industry as a whole.

The Vision for 48.3 by Ben Beaumont, 48.3 Founder.

Everyone is encouraged to be the best they can possibly be, that’s because we want 48.3 to be the best it can possibly be. A basketball coach said to me when I was in my early teens playing on his team: “The strength of the pack is the wolf, and the strength of the wolf is the pack”. Although a bit of a cliché (and a poem in ‘The Jungle Book’ by Kipling) the message is fantastic, so the fulfillment of ‘being the best we can be’ is driven by the team we have. Everyone in the team at 48.3 buys into this vision. Everyone is full of potential regardless where they are in their career; we work very hard to develop it for the greater good of the business.

So put simply, our vision is to be the best we can possibly be - today we know we are better than we were yesterday, and tomorrow, we will be better than we are today. 

Practically that means a commitment to produce the highest quality scaffold designs available anywhere, with a constant strive for improvement. Our designs must be the clearest, most useful, most economical and, where called for, innovative that you can get. We must also produce those designs more efficiently than anyone else, and more reliably than anyone else.

The 48.3 vision for the Industry:

We aim to improve standards of scaffolding design by setting an example to follow, and helping others who share that desire.

We aim to promote scaffolding design as a profession within the civil and structural engineering industry, and make people aware of the challenges that scaffold design engineers overcome on their projects.

We aim to increase awareness of scaffolding and temporary works within the construction industry so that due consideration can be given at the project planning stage, this results in the most efficient design possible and is the key in driving the ‘more for less’ strategy forward.

Our Values

The foundation of 48.3's success is teamwork. The following values exemplify this ethos of cooperation, ensuring that our collective worth far exceeds the sum of our parts:

  • 48.3 unified as one team. We are a group of unique individuals each with our own qualities, unified by a common purpose.
  • 48.3 owned by the team. We stake our personal and professional reputations on the excellence of our work.

Every member of the 48.3 team embraces these core values, applying them as follows to achieve our mission:

Grow Expertise, Develop Skills, Share Knowledge and Apply Wisdom.
Provide clarity, Favour Simplicity, Instil Trust, Lead with Integrity, Impress with Transparency.
Embrace Responsibility, Show Leadership, Own Decisions, Use Intuition.

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