48.3 Scaffold Design Philosophy is built around four core values


  • Designs can look fantastic on paper, however if due consideration is not given to how the scaffold team will erect the scaffold then they are rendered useless before a single baseplate touches the ground.
  • 48.3 design with buildablity in mind from the outset. Asking ourselves simple questions such as:
    • Can a man reach to tighten the outer fitting?
    • Will the spanner turn in that space?
    • How can someone reach that connection safely?
    • Will fittings foul boards?
  • Not only physical limitations are considered- but time limitations also, after all, time is money. Erection time can make one solution commercially viable over another.

Fact: Buildability is fundamental to any great design.

Use of Materials

  • Buying or hiring new material for a job can significantly affect the commercial viability of any project. 48.3 look to make use of your stock items, minimizing the need to buy or hire new equipment. This is not only cost effective, but reuse and recycle are crucial mechanisms to achieving the sustainable development and waste reduction targets of the entire construction industry.
  • Completing a project with one item maybe faster than an alternative, however it is more expensive to buy - sound familiar? 48.3 liaise with clients to find the best possible combinations of materials vs. cost vs. labour.
  • Client preferences are always sought prior to material specification and where flexibility can be provided, it always is.


  • Removal of a hazard = elimination of risk = Safety by 48.3 Scaffold Design
  • If a hazard can be removed at the design stage the risk is eliminated. There is no need for control measures and more importantly, no chance of injury!
  • Whether the hazard involves working at height or carrying heavy materials, elimination is the safest option. Safety by design is a cornerstone of 48.3 design philosophy. This process is implemented using our Scaffold Design Risk Assessment, which is completed for every design we produce, for more information click HERE.


  • Everyone’s input is important - from the client to the designer to the scaffolder or end user. 48.3 listen to the views of all concerned parties on any project where those concerned parties can offer their own insight and expertise.

48.3 know that the best design solutions are usually a blend of everyone’s ideas.

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